Westport Pictures

 Peregrine Falcon with a Feral Pigeon by Pete Lunt
 Barnacle Goose by me
 Great Crested Grebe by me
 Hatchling Coots By me
 Great Crested Grebe on the nest by me
Hobby at Westport which I believe was taken by Steve Seal

Swans on the nest with Cygnets by me

Common Tern By Phil Jones

Dunlin By Phil Jones

Bullfinch By Phil Jones

Singing Treecreeper by Phil Jones
Peacock Butterflies by Pete Lunt

Immature/Eclipse/Fem Type Shovelor By Chris Waring

Ringed Plover, unknown Photographer (anyone want to own up so i can add a name?)

Female-Type Shovelor by Phil Jones


  1. the birds are all very nice and we all look out 4 them but i think people also forget wot is in the lake we av now 4 some time been looking after the lake and av it in our best intrest to try to make it a better place to visit with more information on wots around us so that we can all look out for wots around us , there are some big carp in the lake and this to playes a good part in westport and its never brougt up lets all come together and look after the place together U SEE ME ALOT DOWN THE LAKE AND AM WILLING TO HELP OUT AS ALWAYS THANKS ----

    1. Hi there, obviously you have commented anonymously so i don't know who you are, but I do agree with you, the ecology of the lake and surrounding areas is very important to the birds we see, and as much as this blog is mainly about birding i would like to add information about all of the other wildlife to be seen around the lake. Of course the fish is important as without them we wouldn't attract diving birds, such as cormorants on a yearly basis, nor would we attract birds such as Osprey and Grey Heron which rely on the fish for food. If you do want to help me adding new sections t this blog concerning the ecology and what makes Westport such a diverse place please send me an e-mail to salisbury1992@gmail.com.


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