Monday, 30 August 2010

30 August 2010

As I said yesterday, didn't get down to Westport this morning as Nick and myself went to Leics to see the Kentish Plover at Eyebrook Res, well that was the idea and as usual things didn't go to plan, firstly as I took the dog for a quick walk before we left 2 Tawny Owls (probably young) were calling from the trees in front of my house, they flew off south towards Westport, so a possible Westport tick in future, we got down the Eyebrook Res, no Kentish Plover but we did see a nice Pectoral Sandpiper, Med Gull and Red Kite, as we both needed to be home early we were away for 9am to be back at 11am, as promised, then as we were on the way home Nick received a phone call from Dave Kelsell, my heart sank because I knew it would mean we had probably just missed something at Westport, eventually Nick decided to tell me it was a Sandwich Tern (Westport tick for us both), his foot went a bit further down the pedal and by the wonders of modern science we arrived at Westport at about 10.45am to see a nice moulting and rather tired Sandwich Tern, YES there is a god!!!

This is my 99th bird for the year at Westport and if I can get the Tawny Owls down there tonight I will make the magic 100! The photo's aren't brilliant I know but they were taken holding my camera against my bins, not easy when your shaking with excitement!

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