Sunday, 9 January 2011

09 January 2011

A nice dry crisp morning, about 50% ice coverage on the main lake and 75% coverage of ice on the boating lake, nice a sunny with very little wind of note, 3c, visit from 08.00 - 09.30.

A couple of Tufted Ducks were on the boating lake this morning with the female Goosander and 2 pair of Shovelers, another 36 Tufted Ducks were on the main lake, a single Meadow Pipit flew low over the car park calling as it headed south, back on the main lake 21 Pochard and 2 Goldeneye were the only other ducks of note, in the nature reserve a flock of 20 Siskins were flying up and down feeding on the tops of Silver Birch and Alders, on the old gas works 2 Stock Doves were on the railway gantries, on the old sewage works a single Jay, back to the main lake a single Great Spotted Woodpecker flew along the canal side trees and 3 Common Gulls were sat on the ice with the Black-headed Gulls.

Lastly just before I got down Nick had a Green Woodpecker near were I'd had it calling the previous day near the sidings area.

Looking back at 2010 a total of 127 species were seen at Westport over the year, I managed to see 109 of them and feel I could of added at least 4 more to my list, top lister for the year was Nick Smith with 112 followed by my 109 (as far as we know!), the best month came in April with 78 species seen that month and June was the quietest month with 66. We believe that around 30 species bred in or around Westport.

Kane Brides who rings the Coots at Westport recently contacted us too let us know that a couple of the Coots recently ringed at Westport have been found at Watermead Country Park in Leics (85km) and at Winterley, Sandbach (38km), I for one never realised that Coots travelled so far!

Also a Black-headed Gull that was seen by Dave Kelsall with a ring back in July has come back as ringed 41 days previously at Cleveland Farm in Wiltshire.

After Man Utd had ripped Liverpool off in the FA Cup with a dubious penalty I decided too drown my sorrows with another walk around Westport, not a lot extra of note, the Goosander had moved across to the main lake which also had a couple of adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls with Common Gulls and the usual Black-headed Gulls, in the nature reserve at least 3 Great Spotted Woodpeckers were around the bottom pool with a couple of them drumming, the only other birds of note were 4 Bullfinches at the top pool.

I also received these pictures from Steve Seal of the Goosander on the model boating lake, he took over 700 pictures to eventually get these great pictures.

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