Wednesday, 9 November 2011

09 November 2011

OK, as you can see I haven't done a update for a while now, and I've recently had a few 'gentle' reminders about it (Mr Locker & Mr Seal)! It's been a bit of a rough ride this last month or so with one thing and another but today was a bit special for Westport and I just had to get this on the blog.

I received a text from Nick at 09.30 informing me that Jeff Jones had just found a Red-breasted Merganser on the main lake, within a minute the coat was on bins grabbed and the dog pulled along on the lead as i rushed down to Westport, I found Jeff by the boating ramp area and he soon pointed me in the right direction, the bird was close to the edge but up in the top right corner of the lake so we made our way around for a closer look, we soon picked it up and at times it showed down to 10ft!

We were soon joined by Steve Seal and who rattled off a few shots and Alan and Colin, the Merganser showed exceptionally well and is a immature male as you will see from the photo's kindly supplied by Steve (on the above slideshow as I can't get them to work on here), although there have been flyovers at Wstport this is the first on the lake since 2002 when Bill Low had 2 immature birds fly in from the south and stay for 15 mins.

A Westport tick for me taking me onto 102 for the year and Westport onto 118 for the year, both figures well down on last years totals.

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