Saturday, 28 April 2012

28 April 2012 (Part 2)

After Nick had missed the Pied Flycatcher early this afternoon, I was sure it was still present, as it had been found at around 6am and was still present just before lunch' I just felt that it would stick for the day, when something is passing through it normally hangs around for no more than an hour or two, but this had been around for nearly six hours and I just thought it would stick until at least tonight.

So with this in mind I decided too head on down at around 17.30, I spent around an hour just walking up and down the canal side of the main lake, from the visitor centre to the top of the old sewage works and back, sadly their was no sign of the Pied Flycatcher and I sent Nick a text with the disappointing news, other species around the park included a male Sparrowhawk that shot over the main lake a couple of times possibly after one of the 280+ Swallows with the odd few House Martins, a couple of Willow Warblers were on the canal side along with a Blackcap and a Chiffchaff.

There was a single Mistle Thrush by the visitor centre and one on the old gas works, I flushed a single Common Sandpiper from the edge of the main lake and later it was on the jetty along with three Little Ringed Plover, the highest count so far this year, there was also at least ten Pied Wagtails along the front of the main lake but sadly no White Wagtail.

I had a look for the Common Tern which was in bad shape this morning but their was no sign, either it had moved on (doubtful), died (very possible) or picked up by the RSPCA (???), before heading home I decided to have one last look at the Ted Heath Rock area for the Pied Flycatcher, the large Sycamore was full of small birds and unbelievably the very first bird I put my bins on was the Pied Flycatcher, where had it been all afternoon??

I immediately rang Nick but he cut me off on both occasions, so I guessed he was driving and sent him a text, I text George who said he was on his way, and I said I'd wait for him too help him locate it, it was a tense ten or so minutes, and felt a lot longer, to my surprise Nick arrived and after a few frantic minutes he managed to get onto it (I think a long awaited Westport tick for him), he had to shot off though as he'd left the family shopping in Tesco (free advent), next to arrive was a huffing and puffing Phil Locker followed by the Cathy's, again after a few frantic minutes they managed to see it just as George arrived, eventually the Pied Flycatcher came down low and gave excellent views from no more that 20/30 feet away, with everyone happy with there views it was time for home and my takeaway tea, roll on tomorrow (if I can get up that is!!).

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