Friday, 16 July 2010

16 July 2010

Dry with cloud coverage and the odd sunny interval, very windy coming from the south/southeast, temp 14c and feeling cooler, visit from 05.20 - 08.00.

Black-headed Gull numbers have really dropped off after the last few days but at least 6 juveniles are still present, a steady movement of Swifts going through with a count of 35+ early on followed by another 20+ going through later, the CanadaxGreylag hybrid is still present on the outer flock of the Canada Geese, also within the Canada Geese flock is the 4 ever present Greylag Geese, the usual Grey Heron was fishing around the model boating lake and a extra Great Crested Grebe was on here with the usual family of 4, only managed to count another 7 Great Crested Grebes on the main lake, but did watch a pair making a nest on the main lake, the male Shoveler was again on the boating lake, on the main lake 34 Mute Swans included the cygnet, a Common Sandpiper was on the old beach again, Tufted Ducks totalled 45 which also included 2 Pochard.

In the nature reserve the large Tit flock was near the bottom pool, within the flock was 2 Willow Tits, 2 female Blackcaps a Treecreeper and a Chiffchaff, I also had a Blackcap by the top pool and on the old sewage works where a Bullfinch was also heard, Also 3 Chiffchaffs were on here and 1 on the old gas works with 2 Stock Doves (see above photos), 2 Reed Warblers were on the top pool one was carrying food, a Great Spotted Woodpecker flew over the gas works and 3 Whitethroats were on the sewage works, lastly within a flock of Swallows feeding around the tree line edge of the sewage works and the main lake at least 5+ House Martins and a single Sand Martin.

In total 43 species seen.

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