Saturday, 31 July 2010

31 July 2010

The last few day's at Westport have been like groundhog day, same thing day in day out, even the weather hasn't really changed, rain, more rain and some heavy rain, temp has remained steady at 16c, so I thought today I had to write something and at least there has been something different to write about, but will you notice what it is?? Visit today from 05.45 - 08.00.

Black-headed Gull numbers have dropped off a bit most of them here today were juveniles with 11 of them, 7 Starlings flew over heading East, now the Canada Geese have got there flying feathers back numbers have started to drop off a bit with 219 mostly on the playing field this morning, on the model boating lake 2 adult and 2 juvenile Great Crested Grebe but I could only find 1 juvenile on the main lake with only 4 adults which is well down, the eclipse male Shoveler is still on the boating lake with a single Mute Swan, the rest 33 were on the main lake, a Grey Heron was in it's usual place fishing on the boating lake, 20+ Swifts were flying high over the main lake, 60 Tufted Ducks on the main lake.
3 Blackcaps were seen mainly in the nature reserve, near the top pool, also a single Bullfinch calling and 2 Reed Warblers on the top pool, a single Chiffchaff was calling near here with a further 5 on the old sewage works, a Willow Warbler was part singing on the old gas works and another was also doing the same by the top entrance, 3 Stock Doves were on the gas works with 2 Linnets, 2 Whitethroats were on the sewage works, back on the main lake and a couple of Sand Martins were on the main lake with about 5 House Martins 2 Willow Tits calling by the top entrance.

And the change was the Willow Warblers, the first confirmed going back through.

Species seen 39.

Called back down late afternoon for a short visit around the main lake, not much change but did count 103 Black-headed Gulls of which nearly 50% were juveniles, Nick Smith fresh back from his holidays couldn't resist a quick visit himself, 65 Tufted Ducks, a few House & Sand Martins and fresh out Coot chicks which I also noticed along the reserve side of the main lake.

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