Sunday, 24 April 2011

24 April 2011

A very different day on the weather front, the winds have changed round to the north west and are slightly stronger, with this the temp has dropped to 12c, it was very cloudy with no sign of the sun today, visit from 05.55 til 09.10.

Swallows were going through in small parties today with probably over 20+ going through during the visit, along the canal the regular pair have returned to there breeding area of the old pottery buildings. On the boating lake a couple of Greylag Geese with another 2 on the main lake, a good count of 5 Little Ringed Plover were along the grass verge and grass bank, a few Mistle Thrushes were seen today with singles on the grass verge and canal side and a pair by the top entrance, on the main lake 8 Tufted Duck and 5 Great Crested Grebes, good numbers of Lesser Black-backed Gulls have gone through all morning, they've all gone from southeast to north west with over 40+ going through during the visit, a single Pied Wagtail was on the grass bank with another later on the old gas works, a single Starling was feeding near Ted Heath Rocks.

As I made my way towards the old sewage works to have another look for the Grasshopper Warbler a guy stopped me to sat a strange goose was on the lake, having a look I picked up what I was sure was a Egyptian Goose on the far side of the lake, I went to make my way around when it flew off heading north, and I was able to identify it as a definite Egyptian Goose, only the 2nd ever record for Westport Lake, I texted a few others including Nick who had only just returned from his hols in Cyprus, unfortunately for him he had just arrived at Westport slightly too late and had missed it, to say he was gutted wasn't the word, you could see it in his face.

We made our way onto the old sewage works, the 1st Chiffchaff of the visit was calling with 9 seen in total during the visit, a couple of Willow Warblers were on here and the 1st of 7 Blackcaps were seen, 7 Whitethroats were around the sewage works area and a single male Bullfinch but again there was no sign of the Grasshopper Warbler, we made our way back to the main lake, a Treecreeper was along the canal side of the main lake, Nick then picked up the Egyptian Goose near the boating ramp, it had returned, to say he was rather pleased was a understatement, I meanwhile was a bit gutted, another year tick on him had gone (only joking mate), I managed a couple of photos but as with yesterdays photos of the Snow Goose I've lost my lead attachment so can't download them at the mo, but hopefully I will have it sorted out soon, the male Mute Swan had just chased off another Swan and now turned it's attention too the Egyptian Goose chasing it off the lake it flew over to the boating lake, did a quick circular route around and then flew off southeast calling as it went. Yesterday I'd had a e-mail from Jeff Jones telling me of a Reed Warbler yesterday on the top pool, as it was a Westport year tick we headed up there too see if it was singing for us, no joy on the Reed Warbler but we did have a nice Sedge Warbler singing form the edge of the reed and trees, also in here was a Reed Bunting, on the old gas works 2 Stock Doves were present and lastly by the main lake just before I left a couple of House Martins went through with the Swallows.

A bit later in the morning and Jeff Jones had a Swift going through which is another year tick for Westport.

Late morning and Pete Lunt had the Sedge Warbler plus Little Ringed Plover and 2 Cormorants.

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