Saturday, 15 May 2010

15 May 2010

Sadly i havn't managed to get down for a few days, but one to never let you down when it comes to Westport is Nick Smith, the following are his records for the last two days, the latter being duck count day.

14th May

Reed Bunting - male by ted heath and pair top pool, Mute Swan x8, Tufted Duck x6, Shoveler, Great Crested Grebe x6, Little Ringed Plover x1, Canada Goose young x32, Common Sandpiper x1, Chiffchaff x2, Willow Warbler x2, Garden Warbler x2, Blackcap x8, Willow Tit x1, Whitethroat x5, Great Spotted Woodpecker x1, Reed Warbler x1, Stock Dove x3.

15th May (Monthly Duck Count)

Mute Swan x8 - female sitting on nest with second clutch after first batch disappeared
Greylag Goose (domestic) x9 - x2 grey, x4 white. A white male and grey female have x3 young
Canada Goose x124 - x90 adults plus x34 young
Mallard x103 - x77 adults plus x26 young from five broods (6,2,3,9,6)
Mallard (domestic) x7 - x4 khaki campbells, one white duck, x2 others Unusually high bird count
Shoveler x1
Tufted Duck x1
Great Crested Grebe x6 - one pair sitting
Moorhen x7 2x pair sitting
Coot x59 - x14 breeding pairs = x8 sitting, broods of 5, 4, 1+, 4, 3 and some. Total of x42 adults, x17 young
Little Ringed Plover x2
Lesser Black-backed Gull x1
Grey Wagtail x1 Rarer species

Pied/White Wagtail x2 Rarer species

Total number of species: x14 Individuals: x331

also 6x Mistle Thrush, x21 Starlings, x50 Swift, x10 House Martin, x5 Sand Martin, x15 Swallow, Treecreeper, x3 male Reed Bunting, x4 Chiffchaff, 3x Blackcap, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Willow Tits hatched in hole by boardwalk bridge, 7x Whitethroat, 4x Garden Warbler, 4x Stock Dove.

Also of note, a couple of weeks ago we received two reports of a 'Otter' type animal on the canal, one person saw it take a Mallard into it's hole, the is a Mink, it has since been seen with babies along the canalside, so keep your eyes peeled!!

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