Wednesday, 10 November 2010

10 November 2010

Not much news received recently, I've been busy at work doing a bit of overtime, need the extra cash with Xmas around the corner.

Yesterday Dave Kelsall had 4 female and a male Goldeneye and an couple of Teal on the main lake, a interesting report came via Birdforum were a member had a Woodcock fly from near the bridge area were the Terrapins sun themselves, this is only the second ever record for Westport with the previous one being last January.

I've since found out there have actually been other records of Woodcock at Westport, how many I'm not sure, there is no mention of them in the Westport bird report although that only runs up to 2002, however that said it's still a very good record for Westport and it's a bird that should start to increase in numbers now as the nature reserve gets more mature over the coming years.

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