Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Unfortunately for me I'm currently working 12hrs days at work, which means leaving in the dark and returning home likewise, this of course means no Westport, well except when I'm walking the dog along the canal hope to hear an Owl or something.

Today at Westport, Jeff Jones had the Green Woodpecker between the top pool and the railway line at 09.40.

Bird or birds of the day came about 10mins later from Steve Seal when he had a flock of 20+ Waxwings flying over the lake calling, they went over the top end of the lake towards the housing estate by the gas works, these are new for the year list and buts the Westport list on 127 for the year.

While walking the dog in the dark this evening along the canal, a small flock of Geese flew over calling, probably Canada Geese, not heard any Redwings going over for a while now, so I guess the main migration push has now gone through.

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