Sunday, 21 November 2010

21 November 2010

Nick Smith had a decent morning while some of us were busy working hard! The drake Goosander from yesterday was still present, moving between the boating and main lakes, also a nice female/immature Peregrine flew low over the gas works chasing a Feral Pigeon plus a fly over Rook and a Great Black-backed Gull, the latter is the 1st record since last January.

Slightly later in the morning and Jeff Jones had a Snipe, it flew around the lake three times before diving into the nature reserve, again the first record since last winter and yet another sign that winter is well and truly upon us.

I managed a walk around the 2 main lakes this afternoon after work for just over an hour, a pair of very nervous Shoveler were on the main lake briefly before flying off south, I'm sure that the male wasn't 'Sammy' as it was acting too nervous and edgy, totally different too his normal behaviour, just a single Great Crested Grebe on the boating lake with at least another 8+ on the main lake, a Willow Tit was calling along the edge of the nature reserve side of the main lake, 25 Pochards were on the main lake although earlier this morning Nick had nearly double that, the family of 3 Mute Swans are still sticking together and looking a bit lonely now the other 30+ have left, a single female Goldeneye is still present although it can be difficult too find at times as it's diving non stop, also on the main lake, the 1st year Little Grebe remains and a rather tame Grey Heron was fishing along the bank as people walked within feet of it.

Lastly and just for you Nick as I know you worry about my poor, poorly legs and feet with my tendonitis, I found the new bench you told me about at Westport, and it was very compy thanks!

New posh bench at Westport, sadly put looking at a big tree and not the lake, but knowing the council they will probably cut the tree down instead of moving the bench!

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