Friday, 4 June 2010

04 June 2010

Turned out to be a rather exciting day, I knew I had to make a flying visit to Westport, due to heading off to see the Marmora's Warbler in Gwent, got down to Westport at 05.40, again warm temp 14c, dry no cloud and no wind of note.

I noticed 6 young Canada Geese by the model boating lake but no sign of the big creche, the 2x Great Crested Grebes were feeding at least 2 young on the boating lake and another 6 where on the main lake, a Chiffchaff was calling from the Nature Reserve, 11x Mute Swans were on the main lake plus the single youngster and 40+ Swifts were flying over the lake, a Grey Wagtail was feeding on the grass verge but no sign of the usual Little Ringed Plover, on the ramp 3x Tufted Duck, it was at this point that I noticed an unusual Duck nearby, it was very pale with a dark patch around and behind the eye, bill was black and slightly hooked at the end and when it flapped it's wings there was no colour evident just a pale almost whitewash type colour, my thoughts was something like a Chilean Teal/Wigeon but wasn't sure, I managed to get a couple of photo's and then went to meet Nick whom I'd already told what I had seen, on looking at the photo he identified it as a Marbled Duck, and then shot off at high speed leaving my little legs and fat body puffing and panting behind him (its really not a pretty sight), we relocated the bird as it actually came towards us and we also noticed how tatty looking the wings seemed, although the bird was able to fly the primaries almost seemed new, as yet I've been unable to find out if anyone has put this Duck on, I'm awaiting feedback from the RSPCA and Staffs Wildlife Trust.

Only saw 29 species but didn't have anymore time to have a proper look round as I then headed off to see the Marmora's Warbler in Gwent, making for a great day.

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