Sunday, 6 June 2010

06 June 2010

A big thunderstorm during the night had me wondering what might be at Westport this morning, and although nothing amazing came in I did manage to see 47 species the highest day count for nearly a month, it was a dry start but very wet underfoot, wind was quite strong and from the north, it started to rain quite heavy at times, temp was 16c, was there from 05.40 - 08.10.

Managed to catch up with all the young Canada Geese this morning, in total 41 young with nearly 200 adults, a Sparrowhawk flew low over boating lake carrying some prey in it's talons, the Great Crested Grebes are off the nest and in the middle of the boating lake, she was carrying at least 2 youngsters, on the main lake another 7 were present, again two pairs of Pied Wagtails with young in the same places as yesterday, a single Little Ringed Plover was on the grass verge, Tufted Ducks are up again, now 6 males and 1 female, Mute Swans totalled 17 +1 young, and 40+ Swifts were flying over the main lake, the Marbled Duck is on it's third day, this time on the bank that the Shoveler normally favours on the left side of the main lake, and talking about 'sammy' he was on the bottom pool in the Nature Reserve.
A Grey Heron flew low over main lake, a pair of Willow Tits were on the 'Avenue' with a Blackcap, another Blackcap was at the top pool, also a Chiffchaff in the Nature Reserve and one on the old sewage works, on the main lake a male Gadwall came in, stayed for about an hour and then disappeared, a Whitethroat was in the Nature Reserve and one on the old sewage works, a new brood of 10 Mallard ducklings on the main lake, by the top pool 2 Reed Warblers and a pair of Reed Buntings, a Willow Warbler was on the old sewage works and lastly a Coal Tit on the canal side of the main lake.

In total 47 species seen.

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