Sunday, 20 June 2010

20 June 2010

Cool start 12c but warmed up quickly to 21c, very little cloud cover so bright sunshine, very little wind poss northerly, visit was from 05.40 - 08.25.

2nd part of the 'WEBS' duck count weekend, counted the Canada Geese which are up to 294 including 39 Goslings, most of which are now nearly full adults a lot of the Canada Geese seemed to now be flightless as they continue there moult, again 2 Grey Herons were present one on each lake and the 4 Greylag Geese seem to be spending most of there time with the Domestic Geese, the other count we did today was Coots, 54 adults and 33 young from 12 broods and 2 still possibly sitting eggs, still a pair of Great Crested Grebes on the model boating lake with 2 young and another 12 Grebes on the main lake, Mute Swans were 31 which includes 1 Cygnet, good numbers of Little Ringed Plovers on the grass verge with 3 this morning, I did wonder if 2 were possible youngsters but only got them in flight, 4 male Tufted Ducks on the main lake with a single male Pochard again.
A single Mistle Thrush flew over the playing field, Blackcaps have gone a bit quiet, 1 was near Price's field, 1 at the top pool and a pair with young on the old sewage works, had a couple of Willow Tits on the sidings and a possible family party near the middle pool in the Nature Reserve, a single Chiffchaff was singing near the same place and 2 were on the sewage works, in the top pool reeds at least 3 Reed Warblers, 'Sammy' Shoveler was on the bottom pool, 2 Stock Doves on the old gas works and a Jay from there flying over the tree line of Bradwell Woods, a couple of Whitethroats on the sewage works and finally a Sparrowhawk flew over the canal carrying prey in it's talons.

Total species seen 40.

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