Tuesday, 5 October 2010

05 October 2010

Called in Westport this afternoon for about an hour, weather was bright with slight cloud coverage, temp felt a bit cool as the sun dropped, breeze was light possibly from the south.

The two lakes were very quiet, Mute Swans have increased from 6 to 8 but couldn't see if the new ones were ringed or not, speaking of rings I noticed a Black-headed Gull on the post by the boating ramp with a metal ring but again couldn't get close enough to read it. Tufted Ducks were at 58, Great Crested Grebes 8, the 3 Ruddy Ducks are still present and 2 male Pochards so 1 of these is new in as well, while sat at the grass verge 8 Pied Wagtails flew over heading south, and that was about all I saw, I did meet up with Phil Jones who had been having a look along the stream in the nature reserve for Dipper after yesterdays unusual record of one at Berryhill, but no joy on that or much else sadly.

Oh well there's always tomorrow hey Nick!

Anybody any idea on this large Mushroom/Toadstool taken in the Nature Reserve at Westport close too a small marsh area, it's about 5-6'' across, cheers.

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