Wednesday, 22 August 2012

22nd August 2012

Friday will be my visit, need wait til payday to get some new bins because mine are broken, but westport news is as follows:

Female Pochard, another increase to 45x Tufted Duck 17x Swift 13+ Chiffchaff, 2x Willow Tit in the reserve, 3x Greenfinch with 2x Goldfinch


  1. Like the new look Dominic, it was much needed, your missing quite a few from the blast from the past:
    Med Gull - 2002
    Garganey - 2004
    Barn Owl - 2005
    Med Gull - 2006
    Common Scoter - 2004
    Ring-necked Duck - 2009
    Sandwich Tern - 2010

    1. Hi Chris, yeah i thought id go for a fresher look, was gonna go for a dynamic view but that would involve a photo to go with every post otherwise it looks a bit taccy, and im not sure i have those records in the reports you sent me? I may have though i only skimmed through it looking for August while i was updated the blast from the past section, also are their any records of attempted breeding of the tufted ducks? I notice they are present year round was wondering if they have ever attempted

    2. They have attempted to breed several times in the past, the last time I saw any ducklings was 2010 but not since, I maybe wrong but I dont think there are any records of any ducklings making it tho to full juvs

  2. I see, are their specially designed nest boxes up for them or do they use natural holes?


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