Friday, 24 August 2012

Fundraising idea

As many of you know, the staffordshire wildlife trust have a conservation group at Westport lake, in which they practically help conservation by litter picking and Reed bed plantations. This blog gets an average of nearly 1000 page views per month and i thought that if i added the google affiliate links and adsense to the blog we may be able to help them and the RSPB, Who, by going about their cause not only help our wildlife but also help us get some good ticks against many rarer birds on our year and site lists, obviously all of what they do costs money. They rely on us to supply that to them, so i thought, if i could provide a service whereby relevant products were displayed, that anyone who visits this site could buy things they need such as books, reports, scopes and binoculars knowing that a healthy slice of what they pay for these items is headed straight back into the sites we all love to visit so much, so please do the poll on the right hand side, as this idea will take time on my part and i'd like to know if it's worth it before I invest in it.

Thanks guys.

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