Friday, 31 August 2012

30th August 2012

This news is late in coming mainly because I was visiting family and went to bed not feeling very well, but i have been down to Westport today but we'll start with the mornings news, thats no longer news for how late I'm posting this but still it is as follows: 

2x Shovelors one eclipse male and one female-type, 50+ House Martin and 47x Tufted Duck

Now then, onto my visit, which was a noisy one as i'll explain in this post. So as soon as i got onto the lake there was a Buzzard calling overhead, walking around the boating lake there were 12x Canada Geese and 2x Greylag Geese all being very noisy and squabbling over bread! Over to the main lake and no change in the Tufted Duck count still standing at 47, there were 6x Great Crested Grebe who were also giving a few calls, this including the two juveniles, haven't seen the other 2 juveniles for a while now so it's looking like that brood may have failed. 

Just 3x House Martin over the lake and 2x Swallow both species calling very frequently, and the Mute Swan family who didn't live up to their name as the two adults were calling to each other as they had been separated. I counted at least 250 Black Headed Gulls, 2 Lesser Black Backed gulls and a Juvenile Herring Gull turned up.

Into the reserve and straight away near the top pool there 7x Chiffchaff calling (that was just around the top pool) a group of tits which included 3x Long Tailed Tit, 2x Blue Tit and 4 x Great Tit, all of which calling, and a rare treat to hear a Willow Tit calling on the other side of the pool, first time i've heard it call for a few months, and i later caught up with it near the feeding tray by the top pool. Going down to the middle pool and i heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a further 5x Chiffchaff and a single Willow Warbler calling. A Bullfinch made a brief appearance before disappearing and down on the bottom pool there was 2x Moorehen. Back round on the railway side up towards the gasworks 2 Blackbirds alarmed and a red fox showing explained why. On the old gasworks there 2x Stock Dove both calling a Kestrel flew overhead towards the Main Road.

Finally, up onto the Sewage Works and this was the most fulfilling part of my trip with 2 sightings of Whitethroat ( A bird i never usually get to see) and 2 of the Blackcaps (one male, one female), Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Chaffinch could all be heard calling as well.  

No sign of the Shovelors when I got down, don't know where they disappeared to. 

But all in all a fantastic trip although no rarities an amazing 35 different species could be heard calling/singing around Westport today, (All of the above listed as calling + Magpie, Carrion Crow, Coot and Mallard, Robin and Wren)don't know where that ranks for other people for the time of year but I don't remember hearing that many species in one 2 hour trip outside of the singing season.

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