Tuesday, 28 August 2012

28th August 2012

News today comes in 2 parts, first part is not my sightings, second part is mine.

So Fem-Type or possibly immature/eclipse Male Shoveler on the Main Lake, 10+ Swift, 50+ House Martin, Kingfisher, on the Sewage Works 2x Jay, 2x Whitethroat, 5x Blackcap, and a few Chiffchaff's.

Here is a blown up picture of the Shoveler from Chris Waring 

Right then, onto my visit which took place between 14:30 and 16:30. I started on the main lake and there was c32x Tufted Duck.
I counted 79x Black Headed Gulls 2x Herring Gull and 2x Lesser Black Backed Gull. Further round on the canal side of the lake, the Great Crested Grebe family (2x Adults and 2x Juveniles) were Disturbed by another Great Crested Grebe, who got a little too close for the parents liking, and quickly gotten rid of. 

Into the reserve and to start off all seemed rather quite, but there were at least 7x Long Tailed Tits 3x Blue Tit and 3x Great tit, continuing in and onto the Top Pool just a single BlackBird and a single Chiffchaff with a few Robins singing and a single Moorhen on the pool. From there i went straight over to the Gas Works, passing a juvenile Moorhen on the Brook. On the Gas works was 1x  Stock Dove and although not rare at Westport a Kestrel flying round and perching on the power line provided a much needed year tick for me! 

So down towards the middle pool and a Willow Tit was on the lower branches of a tree, an elderly Gentleman stopped me in the reserve telling me there was a lesser spotted woodpecker on the dead trees, however i think he was mistaken because when i got there and looked a single Great Spotted Woodpecker was there, but maybe worth keeping an eye out for the lesser just in case he was right!

Back out onto the main lake and there was no sign of any House Martins, Sand Martins or Swifts, and only 2 Swallows.

Also i received this Photo forwarded to me from Pete Lunt of 3 Peacock Butterflies.

Cheers for reading guys.

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