Thursday, 22 April 2010

22 April 2010

Down at Westport this morning from 06.00 - 08.20, weather was cool (4c) and sunny, their was a slight ground frost and the main lake had a heavy mist on it, their was no wind of note.
Again the Grey Wagtail was by the canal, the poor thing has to find a mate soon, by the entrance to the park the first of 8x Blackcaps was singing, also on the field by the car park 12x Starlings, these aren't a common bird down Westport.
Most of the Mute Swans x11 where on the model boating lake along with the usual 2x Great Crested Grebe, by the car park the first of 6x Chiffchaffs was singing.
On the grass verge of the main lake, 5x Little Ringed Plover, 3x Common Sandpiper and the single White Wagtail was still present, on the main lake, 16x Tufted Duck, 2x Mute Swans and another 5x Great Crested Grebe.
In the Nature Reserve 2x Willow Warbler, 2x Bullfinch, 2x Reed Bunting and 1x Willow Tit, couldn't see any Terrapins which had been reported to me yesterday, but it was a bit cold, I will have another look for them this afternoon, if I manage to get back down.
The Sedge Warbler was still singing in the Dogwood at the top corner of the main lake and the Grey Heron was fishing along the edge. On the grass mound at the back of the model boating lake I saw 6x Jays all together in the top of a tree, the largest count I've ever had here.

Total number of species seen was 43.

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